What We Value

So, what do you do?

Not so fast. It’s one thing to claim that you believe something, it’s another thing to believe it so deeply that it affects your values–those things that drive every decision you make. We hold six core values at Hope of Christ Church.

The Joy of the Gospel

The gospel is the ‘good news’ that through Jesus Christ’s life, death, and resurrection we have received full restoration to God through no act or record of our own. In Jesus Christ, God has begun restoring beauty and dignity to all of His creation. By trusting in Jesus’ work on earth and His record with God we each receive deliverance from our pasts, hope for our futures, and strength for living today—no matter how good or bad we think we are or have been. This good news directs and saturates everything we do as individuals and as a church.

Hope for Everyone, Everywhere

In the gospel we are reminded that without Christ each of us is lost and broken and without hope not only because of hard things that have happened to us but because of our own desire to live without God. We have received comfort from the unearned favor of our God. We must offer that comfort to others. We have received mercy from the hand of God. We will be God’s hands of mercy to the broken. We will live lives of inconvenience if it means that one person will trust in God’s mercy for his or her salvation, because someone once inconvenienced his or herself and spoke living words to each of us. We will work for justice for the powerless, and we will offer hope to the hopeless both spiritually and physically.

Expectant, Kingdom-focused Prayer

In the gospel the Kingdom of God—His loving design and reign over all of creation—has already been restored through the work of Jesus Christ and the gift of the Holy Spirit’s presence and yet we wait in anticipation for the full and complete restoration to come when Christ returns. Our attitude and action of prayer reflects that restless patience as we look to God expectantly to change hearts, restore communities, and transform the world. We do not think that our prayers can change anything. We know that the One to whom we pray can change everything.

Grateful, Sincere Worship

Because of the free grace in the gospel —we cannot earn God’s favor and we do not deserve His love—we worship God with gratitude in our hearts and on our lips for what Jesus has accomplished, is continuing, and will complete. Our worship has a beauty and dignity that reflects God’s holiness and our worship has a simplicity that reveals our heartfelt sincere gratitude. In worship we also show our gratitude for the gifts and creativity the Spirit has poured out onto Christ’s greater church over the centuries and our gratitude for the gifts and creativity the Spirit has granted our own congregation in this the 21st century since the resurrection of Jesus.

Orthodox, Life-Changing Discipleship

In the gospel we look expectantly for the presence of Jesus Christ in ourselves and each other even as we wait patiently for God’s Spirit to change us. Having been adopted by God as His children, we are all members of one family. We no longer need to put on airs or pretend to be better than we are. Through intentional, loving relationships we become tools of change in each other’s lives. Through loving our neighbors with words and deeds we live out the Great Commission of making disciples. Through community involvement we become tools of change in our neighborhoods, our communities and eventually the world.

Deliberate, Missional Training and Multiplication

Jesus began a movement of the Kingdom of God that changed Jerusalem, Palestine, and eventually the world. He did this by intentional leadership training and discipleship of those who would train and disciple others. We have no delusions of grandeur. It will take a movement, driven by the Holy Spirit, to change even the Stafford area. We will train up leaders, both men and women, with a heart for advancing the Kingdom of God. We will have an active summer intern program for helping young adults discover the joy of serving the Kingdom of God. We will apprentice and send out church planters who will join us in reaching our community, our Commonwealth, and the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ.