Backyard Bible Camp 2010

Pictures from the event:

From August 10th through the 13th, Hope of Christ conducted a neighborhood Backyard Bible Camp at the Murphy home in Stafford Lakes. Over 40 children from the Stafford, VA area learned about a great and merciful God who showers His creation with many blessings. This year, the theme was “How Great Your Art”.

Man is the crowning act of God’s creation and is created in His image. God stooped into the dust and breathed, face to face, with man and made man a living soul. Man could commune and communicate with God. As an image-bearer, man also possesses a creative instinct that glorifies His Creator. The children participated in creative activities throughout the week to include music, drama, and painting.

Most importantly, the children learned that God has redeemed men, women, and children from their sin through the person and work of Christ.  This redemption includes all our creative talents that can be used in the service of God to reflect the glory of God and give thanks to Him for His abundant gifts to all mankind.

A special thanks to the Murphy household and to all the dedicated workers who made this such a special event.  We pray that this may be used in the lives of children and their parents to draw them unto Christ as, in Him, we have true peace with God and the freedom to express our deepest affections and talents in His service.