1. The principle, ‘The greater the privilege, the greater the responsibility’, applies to Christians as well as to unbelievers. Have we taken seriously enough the idea of Christian duty?

2. How important are praying, caring for each other, and maintaining the faith in your church life?

3. Do we think of the Lord’s coming as near any more? Should we?

4. Does the Old Testament teach a different way of salvation from the New?

5. Many biblical words are used so often that we do not always think of what they mean. What is faith? Describe it in your own words.

6. Only two women are named in Hebrews 11 (though others are mentioned). One of these is Rahab, a Canaanite. What does this teach about God’s grace and the composition of the church? Do you see Rahab as your sister in the Lord?

7. Do we think of Jesus as our Example? Should we? Are there any dangers in doing so?

8. Do we think enough about ‘the joy set before us’? Has the reality of heaven tended to drop out of our thinking?

9. Should we beware of too much prominence being given to the visual in worship? Are any ‘visual aids’ appointed by Christ for his people’s worship of God? Do you see any dangers even in those?

10. Do you believe in ‘the communion of saints’? What do you understand by this term?

11. Do you see any conflict between what is said in Hebrews about the heavenly Jerusalem and the teaching that a monarchy, a temple and sacrifices will again be established in Jerusalem on the earth?

12. Why does Christianity give such a place of importance to the body in what it teaches? In what ways do Christians today need to take this more seriously?

13. Should Christians be equally concerned about discontent and doubt, and act against both with equal vigor?

14. Can a church be obeying its King if it does not prayerfully seek a minister of the Word? What makes a church content without a pastor, and should a church feci content just because it has one?

15. How can our participation in the Lord’s Supper be improved, so that more of God’s gracious blessing is received?