I. Chapter 2 – The Word and the Voice (John 1:19-28)
A. Theme > John 1:23
B. Four Elements of John’s Witness in Chapter 1
1. A Living Witness: Start witnessing with your life (sanctification) John 1:19-28
a) 1 Peter 2:12
2. A Witness; NOT to Self
a) Context: John’s answer to the religious leaders’ questions
b) He is not the Christ NOR is he someone they should trust or admire for salvation
c) John’s answer to their questions about who he was…
(1) John 1:22-23
(2) Phillips’ interpretation of what John the Baptist wants us to say:
(a) “I am here to show that you need a Savior and to point you to the One you should worship and
d) You and I are not the (ultimate) answer to anyone’s need
(1) Do not covet their admiration and trust
(2) Point them to Christ
3. A Witness to Christ
a) He identifies himself as a voice
b) He is undaunted by challenges to his right proclaim Jesus
(1) John 1:25 – “Then why are you baptizing?” (if you’re not Christ, Elijah, Prophet)
(a) Zech 13:1
(2) Jb didn’t get tied up in a personal defense > He stood on Christ’s authority
(3) People are hostile today too, because they don’t know who Jesus is
(4) Should we debate people who argue against Christianity or the Bible?
c) This is our witness: Jesus as savior, revealer, Lord
(1) Joh1:14, 1:9, 1:4, 1:17-18
4. A Call to Repentance and Faith
C. No Witness Wasted
1. You and I are not Jb… but we are called to be a witness
2. It’s easy to be American and want it your way, NOW. We can’t assume our own time table…
3. John 10:40-42 > Despite Jb’s apparent failure, Jesus went back and many were saved
II. Scripture:
Isaiah 40:1-11, Proverbs 3:6, Psalm 5:8, Jeremiah 31:9-10, Micah 3:9, Acts 13:1-2, Matthew 3:1-3