Behold, the Lamb
A. The Lamb of God
1. John proclaims Jesus to be the “Lamb of God”
a) John the Baptist’s great answer; centuries in the making
(1) “Behold, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!”
2. What were the Jews looking for?
3. What did Jesus come to do?
a) Conqueror? Philosopher? Great moral teacher?
4. How did Jesus take away our sin?
a) 1 Peter 2:23 > Peter reflecting on Isa 53
5. Whose sins did Jesus come to take away?
B. The Transforming Power of the Spirit
1. John shows Christ’s supremacy by comparing his baptism to the one that Jesus would bring
2. The power of the Spirit is an important part of our witness
3. Transformation into Christ’s image
C. Trusting, Worshiping, and Witnessing to Jesus Christ
1. John witnessed to Jesus’ WORK (as the lamb and as the sender of God’s spirit) and also exalted the PERSON of Christ
2. The Biblical portrait is superior to doctrinal explanations
3. John concludes his witness by identifying Jesus as the Son of God
John 1:19-34
Isa 53
1 Peter 2:23
Genesis 22