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The Church – There and Then

How we view our story – both now and in the future determines what we prioritize in life and sacrifice.  The Scriptures make plain that the church is worth sacrificing everything for.  

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The Church in the Here and Now

It is often very difficult to live in the here and now within the Church because the cares of the Kingdom of this age often intrude upon the Kingdom of the Age to Come.  In this lesson we explore the ways the Lord would challenge us to give love and priority to our Pastor to the people and to the …

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Loving the Church – Part 2

We demonstrate our love for the local Church by praying for and planning for the people in the Church.  

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Love of the Church

It’s easy to say we love the Church but what does it look like from the perspective of the Scriptures?  

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The Authority of the Church

What do the Scriptures say about authority in the Church.  How is Christ the Head of the Church and how does He exercise that authority?

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The Identity of the Church

What we believe about ourselves and about others in the Church goes a long way toward how we worship and identify with other believers and with God.  

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The Business of the Church

The business of the Church is discussed.   What exactly has Christ called Her to:  preaching, the Sacraments, and the Lord’s Supper.  What is the difference between the Kingdom and the Church.

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The Visible Church

It’s so much easier to love the idea of the invisible, universal Church than it is to love the visible Church with all its problems.  

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The Idea of the Church

Ephesians 2:18-22 (ESV) 18 For through him we both have access in one Spirit to the Father. 19 So then you are no longer strangers and aliens, but you are fellow citizens with the saints and members of the household of God, 20 built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Christ Jesus himself being the cornerstone, 21 in whom the whole structure, …

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Why the Church Disappoints Us

From the Enduring Community, this Sunday School lesson explores why the Church disappoints us and how we effectively interact with those who have checked out of the Church seeing it as irrelevant or un-Biblical.

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