Read Psalm 122 – What is God’s vision for the church?  A people characterized by peace.  Notice that he prays for peace within the walls and within the palaces.  Israel crumbled when they were divided internally.  The other nations just helped in that process.

Peace brings prosperity (v. 6).  Who can say the damage done to the church by unresolved conflict?  The damage done to coming generations has been huge when conflict is not resolved.

Peace is a universal longing, biblical Shalom, where there is an internal cohesion in society.  It starts within the church, it moves to the family, it moves to society.  When people see it in the church, it draws people to Christ.  And Christians bring it with them.  Being a Contagious Christian is more than evangelism.  It must be more.  You must be a Peacemaker.

So that is what we are going to do.  We are going to become Peacemakers (v.9) – for the good of God’s people – we seek peace in the church with all our diligence.  And I am convinced that with the grace of God we can resolve every conflict to His glory and in a positive way.