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Session 11: Look Also the the Interests of Others

1.  We negotiate constantly…but not constructively. 2.  Competitive negotiation is natural, but costly (Phil 2:21). 3.  Cooperative negotiation is challenging, but loving (1 Cor 13:4-5; Mat 22:39; Phil 2:3-4; 1 Cor 10:24). 4.  When you need to negotiate, P-A-U-S-E. Prepare (Prov 14:22). Affirm Relationship (Esther 5:1-4). Understand Interests (Phil 2:1-4; 1 Sam 2:5).  Interests are what really motivate people and …

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Session 10: Forgive As God Forgave You

1.  You cannot forgive in your own strength. 2.  Forgiveness is neither a feeling nor forgetting, nor excusing. 3.  Sin creates a debt that must be paid (1 Pet 2:24; Matt 6:12) Will you take payments? (demand payments) Or make payments? (put away desire to make others suffer) 4.  Forgiveness is a decision modeled after God’s forgivness (Col 3:13; 1 …

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Session 9: Take One or Two Others Along

1. Step One: Overlook minor offenses (Pro 19:11). 2. Step Two: Talk privately (Mat 18:15). 3. Step Three: Take one or two others along (Mat 18:16). – To mediate or arbitrate (1 Cor 6:1-8). – To encourage control and courtesy. – To ask questions, clarify facts. – To counsel or admonish by God’s Word. – To observe conduct and report …

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Session 8: Speak the Truth in Love

1. Bring hope through the gospel (John 4:7-26; 1 Cor 1:2-9) 2. Be quick to listen (James 1:19; Prov 18:13) 3. The tongue of the wise brings healing (Prov 12:18) – Breathe grace (Eph 4:29) – Speak only to build others up (Eph 4:29) – Make charitable judgments (1 Cor 13:7) – Talk in person whenever possible (Mat 18:15) – …

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Session 7: Just Between the Two of You

1. God calls us to lovingly correct one another (Matt 18:15). 2. Correction means more than confrontation. It is restorative and redemptive in its goal (Matt 18:12; 18:21-35; Gal 6:1). 3. We will need to speak to the person (Gen 32-33; 50:15-21; 2 Sam 14:24; Matt 5:23-24). 4. Go when a person’s sins are too serious to overlook. (James 5:19-20) …

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Session 6: Confession Brings Peace

The Seven A’s of Confession Address everyone involved (Luke 19:8). Avoid “if”, “and”, and ‘but”. Admit specifically. Acknowledge the hurt.  Express sincere sorrow for the way you affected others. Accept the consequences (Luke 15:19; Luke 19:8) Alter (change) your behavior (Eph 4:22-32). Ask for forgiveness and allow time (Gen 50:17).

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Session 5: Conflict Starts in the Heart

“What causes fights and quarrels among you? Don’t they come from your desires that battle within you?” (James 4:1) (NIV) Dealing with conflict biblically will never happen apart from heart-talk. What Jesus speaks about in Matthew 15:19 should give us pause as to where our evil desires and actions come from: “For out of the heart come evil thoughts, murder, adultery, sexual immorality, …

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Session 4: Is This Really Worth Fighting Over?

By looking through our role in whatever conflict we find ourselves in, there must be two types of fault we avoid: An overly-sensitive attitude, when you are easily offended by another person´s behavior, and Sinful behavior, which you yourself may have brought Overlook Minor Offenses “In many situations, the best way to resolve a conflict is simply to overlook the …

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Session 3: Trust in the Lord and Do Good

This week: we are going to learn how trusting God frees us to respond to conflict biblically.  I’m sure you have been where I have been – that you are faced with a difficult choice – like a choice in a conflict – and you knew that obedience to God required you to make a difficult choice.  You wonder if …

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Peacemakers Session 2: Live at Peace

How are you doing staying on top of the slippery slope?  Have you already found yourself to be more sensitive to the way you deal with conflict?  As you work through this class you will find that you are more sensitive to the way that you handle it, and find more constructive ways to stay on top of the slope. …

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