1. God calls us to lovingly correct one another (Matt 18:15).

2. Correction means more than confrontation. It is restorative and redemptive in its goal (Matt 18:12; 18:21-35; Gal 6:1).

3. We will need to speak to the person (Gen 32-33; 50:15-21; 2 Sam 14:24; Matt 5:23-24).

4. Go when a person’s sins are too serious to overlook. (James 5:19-20)

a. Is it dishonoring God (Rom 2:21-24)?

b. Is it damaging your relationship?

c. I it hurting others (or you) (Luke 17:2-3; 1 Cor 5:6)?

d. Is it hurting the offender?

5. Special considerations:

a. First get the log out of your own eye.

b. Approach non-Christians gently.

c. Respect those in authority.

d. Deal cautiously with abuse.

e. Go tentatively…go repeatedly.